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About Us

Who We Are

Arizona natives, passionate about wildland conservation and saving our communities from wildland fires. This passion was born by extreme hardship and personal experience. We are here to assist communities to mitigate personal and property loss by offering firewising and water service. Our mission is to create defensible spaces by removing dangerous excess fuels.

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About the Founder

Meet Joseph (Joe) Anderson, founder of Fire Wise & Water Services. Joe found his calling working on Wildland fire crews. He earned his wildland type 2 hand crew, including all of his pertinent Certifications, and was guided daily by the wildland firefighter's core values: Duty, Respect, and Integrity. Additionally, Joe serves as a seasonal firefighter for the Oracle Fire District.

As a type 2 hand crew, Joe learned first hand the risks associated with unattended -unfirewised- homes and developed the expertise and trade necessary to mitigate their potential loss.

Joe is dedicated to giving back to our communities by offering firewising and water service and being professional, honest, and competitive. Joe hopes to inspire others by providing employment opportunities to formerly incarcerated wildland firefighters who, like him, were gifted a second chance.

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